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Then fix it with one of our replacement springs. Curling Irons (Styling Hair Tongs - UK) are notorious for the torsion spring breaking. The spring experiences metal fatigue due to the constant bending and flexing of the metal which causes it to break over time. The springs are not easy to find and most manufactures do not carry replacements.
Repair Broken Curling Iron Styling Hair Tong
We currently carry nine kinds of replacement springs as shown below. Spring numbers 1002, 1003, 1004, 1006 and 1007 are similar to Helen of Troy Hot Tools springs. Spring number 1005 is close to most Conair springs. Measure and match your spring to the photos of our Replacement Springs. Go to our Curling Iron Models (Styling Hair Tong - UK) page to see which spring will work for you. We have simple step by step instructions for replacing your spring.
Curling Iron Replacment Springs
Repair Broken Curling Irons
Fix Broken Curling Iron Clip (Clamp)
Curling Iron (Styling Hair Tong - UK) Replacement Springs for:
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Measure your broken spring like the picture below to get the correct size.
Look at the Curling Iron Models page to see which spring has been tested and worked for our customers.
Match your spring to the photos of our Replacement Springs.
Springs 1002, 1003, 1006 & 1007 are made of a thicker metal and more stiffer.
Springs 1001, 1004, 1005, 1008 & 1009 are made of a thinner metal and more flexible.
It's a good idea to order more that one spring because they will continue to break due to metal fatigue.
We have simple step by step instructions for replacing your spring.

Measure broken spring like this

We are not responsible for damage to your curling iron or injury to yourself by purchasing our springs or following our spring replacement instructions.
How to fix a broken curling iron with a replacement spring. 1. Unplug the curling iron. 2. Remove the curling iron stand by grasping one side of the stand and pulling outward and down under the iron; causing the stand to release. Careful not to bend the stand any further than necessary. 3. Remove the two small side screws from the curling iron handle with a philips #1 screwdriver. One screw for each side. Some curling irons have retaining pins that pop out as shown in the video above. Once they are removed the tensioner handle will fall off the iron. 4. Remove the broken spring by loosening the screw holding the clip under the tension handle. No need to remove the screw. 5. Install the new replacement spring by slipping the spring under the clip. You may have to squeeze the spring's two wires together to fit into the clip. Tighten the screw down on the clip. 6. Re-attach the handle to the barrel and install the side screws or retaining pins. The handle will feel stiff when attaching; this is normal. 7. Re-attach the curling iron stand.

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